Empty Moon

is the solo project of Brendan Hangauer.

His previous band, Fourth Of July put out 3 albums: 2013's "Empty Moon" on High Dive, 2010's "Before Our Hearts Explode!" and 2007's "On The Plains", on Range Life.

Empty Moon was formed after moving from Lawrence, Kansas to Oakland, California in 2013. Empty Moon's debut album "The Shark" was recorded in San Francisco with Jason Quever (Papercuts) and features Adrianne Verhoeven (Extra Classic, Dri, the Anniversary). “I feel like 'The Shark' is a great next step for me musically and lyrically. I couldn’t be happier with the way it was recorded. I think it is my most mature album I have ever made,” Empty Moon told Pop Matters.

"The Shark" was released November 4, 2014 on High Dive Records and is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Vinyl, CD and Cassette, and streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Also check out Empty Moon's ongoing Soul Playlist on YouTube and his polaroids and screenprints in the ARTWORK.